Flip UltraHD Camera

So, I just purchased Filp Video’s UltraHD video camera from Best Buy. This is a real no-frills camera, but the offering of 720p HD video makes it very worthwhile. The ease of use is another great plus. With a Mac, you just plug it in your USB 2.0 port and it launches iPhoto to manage the camera’s content. With the click of my mouse, it imported the video, organized it within the program and deleted the captured content at my request. The whole process took about 30 seconds.

Now, for the price and lack of features, you would expect the quality to suffer… it doesn’t. The video is vibrant and sharp. Filming outdoors and indoors, the quality doesn’t dip. The only thing I found was a sense of graininess when filming in a very low light situation. If there is one drawback, it is the image stabilization… there isn’t any. So, if you have the jitters, you may not get super smooth video.

Here are some tests…


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