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Badly Drawn Boy – It’s What I’m Thinking

Badly Drawn Boy has a new record titled “It’s What I’m Thinking” and it is released on October 3rd. It has an interesting mix of slow, maudlin tracks and future BDB hits, and I think it is best effort in years.


Sym-Bionic Titan

Episode 2 aired tonight on Cartoon Network, did you watch? You should keep tuning in because it just keeps getting better from this point on! Friday nights at 8pm!!

Giant, Creepy Ayase Haruka!

So, Panasonic celebrated the release of their new digital camera, Lumix FX700, today in Tokyo and thought it would also be cool to unveil a large, creepy inflatable balloon of their spokesmodel, Ayase Haruka, too. Spectators were confused and scared of the balloon, and Haruka-chan found it hard to mask her shock. She simply told reporters to snap shots of it instead of her because it was really… “Unique.”

United 3 – 2 Liverpool

Bag + Dicks + Liverpool = Eat It, Scouse C@#$%!

Phoenix @ The Hollywood Bowl

Phoenix were pretty brilliant last night at the Hollywood Bowl. This is the fourth time I have seen them live and, even though they are a very popular band now, they still haven’t lost what makes them great. I would have to say the only thing that annoyed me were the people next to us that drank 5 full bottles of wine! They proceeded to spill out of their box and dance (terribly) all over the aisle. Oh, and there were two of the largest humans ever standing directly in front of us… still, the show was great.

Long Distance Call
Love Like a Sunset
Everything is Everything
Funky Squaredance Part 3
Love For Granted
Les Enfants
If I Ever Feel Better


Sofia Coppola returns with “Somewhere.”

Just Wondering…

Why is it that I still use Excite as my splash page?!