iLL – Minimal Maximum Out Now!

Japanese electronic/alternative rock band “iLL” have returned to record stores this week with a new record, “Minimal Maximum.” This follow up to 2009’s “Force”, is already my favorite record of the year and I haven’t even received it from Amazon JP yet! Here are the details…

New Album Minimal Maximum
2010.10.13 Release!!
KSCL-1636 ¥3,059(TAXin)
Sony Music Entertainment

2.On The Run
4.Good Day
8.Living On Dance
10.With U
11.Bad Dreams
33.Bad Dreams DubMix

For those not familiar with the band, iLL features Nakamura Koji, former lead singer and guitarist from the brilliant band, “Supercar.” The band’s sound is mixture of electronic music, hard rock rhythms and moody, alternative soundscapes… they are truly a great band to behold! However, beholding them is a bit hard on the internet, so here are some links to get you connected!

Official Website
iLL’s Twitter Feed
Link to Minimal Maximum CD


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