Top Tracks of 2010 Vol. 2

Here is the second volume of “Top Tracks of 2010.” The same thing applies from the first volume, list them in the order presented here for you self-made playlists and musical devices. Please enjoy and stay tuned for the final 16 tracks that will round out the 50!

TOP TRACKS OF 2010 Vol. 2

1. Toshinobu Kubota – Love Rain
I love Japanese dramas and this was the theme to my favorite one this year, “Tsuki no Koibito.” The song is a bit a throwback to 70’s soft pop hits, but it still has a modern dance beat under it… kind of a guilty pleasure… sorry to spring this one on you right off the bat!

2. Arcade Fire – Ready To Start
This is one of those bands I tend to hate because EVERYONE gushes about them. It is like Radiohead… anyway, this is a good record and has a lot of great standout tracks. I think “Ready to Start” embodies the best of what the album has to offer and is a fitting addition to the top 50!

3. Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Solanin
Not the best band in the world, but they seem to pop up every now and then to punch me in the face musically. This track, taken from one of my favorite movies of the year, is a great sing-a-long anthem, however, it is in Japanese, so just mumble along with it! 🙂

4. The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire
As I stated in the volume one post, this is one of my favorite records of the year. This track was released as the first single from “Clinging to a Scheme” and should have been way bigger than it was. It has a great pop sensibility and hooks you in from the very beginning!

5. Ed Harcourt – Do As I Say, Not As I Do
This is just an excellent song. It has such a great melody and even makes you clap along at one point. I highly recommend a good drive in the car to listen to this. It can actually make driving through the Sepulveda pass quite delightful!

6. LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change
A welcome trend this year was the retro throwback to early 1980’s synthpop like the Human League and this song embodies that. With its simple instrumentation and truly catchy pop hook, “I Can Change” was a summer classic and propelled this band forward to a whole new level in my mind.

7. Shugo Tokumaru – Straw
My other Shugo entry was a small instrumental track, this is a full-bodied song that shows off his ecclectic musical mastery! On a side note, there are some really great youtube videos of him that should be watched!!

8. Losers – Sirenna (Today We See Colour)
This is a fairly obscure band and they have released yet another synthpop classic for 2010! I think I listened to this more than any other song this fall.

9. The Bluetones – The Notes Between The Notes Between The Notes
Back from the dead and still good!!

10. Hurts – Better Than Love
Manchester is slowly coming back to life musically and Hurts are helping lead the charge. They are a true synthpop band with a tinge of the Germanic like Alphaville and Camouflage, and are a key band to listen for if you like Depeche Mode… like me. This record is packed with great songs — one of the best of the year!

11. Carl Barat – Je Regrette, Je Regrette
The second offering in the top 50 from Carl Barat is simply a great song. You will be singing along to it in no time!!

12. Minks – Ophelia
This band is pretty hard to find info about. They have only released a pair of 7″ singles and are in the midst of recording their debut record. I just stumbled onto them on the itunes music store and had to buy both 7″! Again, they are heavily influenced by the music of the 1980’s… what new band isn’t now?!

13. Groove Armada – History
Again, this is another synthpop throwback track! The melody is very reminiscent of Bronski Beat and it even features a similar, high pitched vocal ala Jimmy Somerville. However, don’t let that throw you off, it is a great song! It is one of those “in the car” songs that should be listened to at maximum volume!

14. Sade – Babyfather
Shut up, I like this song.

15. Belle and Sebastian – I Want The World To Stop
The first single from Belle’s “Write About Love” record, “I Want the World to Stop” is another great, in-form song that evokes the sprit of their earlier records. It comes a close second to “I Didn’t See it Coming” just because of the wonderful use of horns!

16. Tame Impala – Lucidity
It’s kind 60’s inspired and has muddy production, but that is what makes it sound pretty unique in the modern landscape of alternative music. It was actually one of my favorite singles of the fall! I just wish the whole record was as good.

17. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – The Right Side?
Another band that has come back from the dead. Years of fighting between Andy McClusky and Paul Humphreys, including a rather nasty court case, has finally subsided and the old friends have reuinted to make a very good record. “History of Modern” is the band’s first record since (classic line up) since 1986’s “The Pacific Age.” All I can say is that I am happy that they did. Sure, the record is more like later, “Dreaming” type songs, but it also has some real OMD classics. None of the tracks beats this one, “The Right Side?” It is a song that is straight off something like “Organisation.”


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