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The Top Films of the Decade

So, if you know me, then you remember that I create blogs and shed them like a snake does its skin. Well, I wanted to transfer my laborious recanting of my favorite films of the decade to this “new” blog, but then I gave up. So, Now, I will just send you a link to the one where it is housed.




COL•COA Festival 2011

Well, another year has gone and over the next few days I will recap all the films seen at this year’s festival. As always, it is a thrill when the screenings start, but such melancholy after the final screening. In all, it was 9 films screened with tickets to 2 others that were sadly missed or caught partially. I can say, though, there were four films that have already staked a claim in my year’s ten best and it will be hard to best them.