Top Five Korean Dramas of 2011

Lists! In keeping with my movie list, here are my five favorite Korean Dramas of 2011! There are a few that didn’t make the cut and it pained me to leave them off! Here goes…

5. City Hunter
Based on the Japanese Manga, City Hunter is a cool action / romance with really great performances, plus an acting debut from KARA’s Goo Hara. Action dramas usually stink, but this one really makes the cut due to an increased budget and skilled fight choreography. This one, as with all of my top five, are must sees!!

4. All That Glitters
This is one of those heavy, emotional dramas that makes you pull your hair out. That’s right, if I had hair I would have totally pulled it out watching the trials and tribulations of Han Jung Won! Not only does she have to deal with being switched at birth, she has the relentless abuse at the hand of her fellow switchee, Hwang Geum Ran, to deal with! Aigoo! This was a winner of 5 MBC drama awards in the serial drama categories.

3. The Greatest Love
This drama snuck up on me and punched me straight in the face during the latter half of the summer. For some reason, it didn’t seem all that appealing to me, then I watched and was hooked! It is a very funny series, but is also very sad and melancholy, the sign of a truly great series! Winner of 7 MBC drama awards, including Best Drama.

2. My Princess
Here is another that punched me in the face! I ignored it at first, then after sticking to watching the second episode, I was swept up into it. Kim Tae Hee is the greatest and I would watch her in anything… even that terrible drama she did set at Harvard University! Get ready to laugh and cry!

1. Dream High
From the moment it aired it was my favorite drama no matter what. It is like a Korean version of fame with Suzy Bae and IU… you can’t lose! It’s corny, funny, sad and tragic, everything you want from a drama of this ilk. The series also sports some really good pop music including this little number below by Suzy. Oh, er, I mean, anyone catch that Steelers game…


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